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/API Gateway documentation importing limit exceeded/

API Gateway documentation importing limit exceeded


Receiving documentation parts limit exceeded error message while importing API Documentation from swagger files. Is there any solution to upgrade this limit?

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Hi, @Nandu

According to the following, the default limit for "Documentation parts per API" is 2000, which says "Can be increased: Yes".
This indicates that the upper limit is a soft limit, and you can relax the upper limit by applying.

However, it does not exist in the following service quarter menu.

You cannot change the default limit for API Gateway services, so you must request AWS Support to raise the target API limit after creating the API.

answered a month ago
  • thanks a lot @iwasa but how can i request AWS Support to raise the limit for my already created API?

  • You can select the cap relaxation from the AWS Support menu in the Management Console.

  • could you please elaborate the point. I cannot see cap relaxation in AWS Support menu in Management Console.

  • Select Service Limit Increase to open a support ticket. The URL is as follows.

  • but in service limit also I can only select from the given list of limits in which "Documentation parts per API" is not there. What should I do?

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