network bandwidth for m4.4xlarge


from, we see the network bandwidth for m4.4xlarge (also 2xlarge and xlarge) is marked as High, but not like m4.10xlarge which gives the real number. doesn anyone know what will be actual the bandwidth?

m4.4xlarge 16 64 EBS-only 2,000 High

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Is there a reason for using m4 family instead of the newer generation m5, m6 and m7i family instances?

The newer generation instances are usually faster, have better network performance and in cases have lower hourly pricing than m4

You can view the network performance at General purpose instances. For network performance, m5.4xlarge is rated at Up to 10 Gigabit while m6i.4xlarge is rated at Up to 12.5 Gigabit

EC2 pricing can be compared from

If you need to change existing EC2 instance type, refer to documentation for migration considerations.

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