AWS VPS (Preferably Debian) with GPU and Python 3.8?


Hi there How to get an AWS VPS (Preferably Debian) with GPU and Python 3.8? When I create an instance I do not see any relevant options.

I do NOT want to run a Virtual Environment for Python 3.8, I need it on the system.


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Have you considered the AWS Marketplace there may be an AMI that meets or partially meets your needs.

Additionally if Debian is not a must then Amazon Linux 2 (AL2) supports Amazon Linux Extras. Extras provide topics to select software bundles. Each topic contains all the dependencies required for the software to install and function on Amazon Linux 2. Python 3.8 is one of the supported topics/bundles and is easily enabled.

As an example, searching the MarketPlace offered the AMI Amazon Linux 2 AMI with NVIDIA TESLA GPU Driver. You would also need to ensure the AMI was launched on an instance from the Accelerated Computing Family

answered a year ago

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