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AWS MSK Connect - Snowflake Plugin (Secrets)


Hi All, I have an MSK Cluster set with 1 broker per 3 AZ's on m5.large and looking to switch our ECS Containers I have running Kafka Connect to using MSK Kafka Connect.

I have a working ECS configuration that runs Kafka Connect with a Snowflake Connector. This user's private key, username, and password per the Snowflake Documentation. When I take the same working configuration and run it with MSK - I get the following error message:

2022-01-13T07:52:08.000-06:00	[Worker-0576cf5f4676783e1] [SF_KAFKA_CONNECTOR] Error Code: 0018
2022-01-13T07:52:08.000-06:00	[Worker-0576cf5f4676783e1] [SF_KAFKA_CONNECTOR] Detail: failed to decrypt private key. Please verify input private key and passphrase.

Since my password contains a special character e.g. ! and the private key contains / etc. I am assuming this might need to be escaped?

Appreciate helps.

Thanks Wayne

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Hi there, does it work if you try with quotes or unencrypted private key without snowflake.private.key.passphrase as mentioned here

If it doesn't the best way forward would be to open a Support case so that internal logs can be looked at and proper guidance will be given. Without checking the internal logs it is hard to proceed or draw any conclusions, sorry.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks - I did raise an AWS support ticket after raising here and the issue was related to a special character in my Password for the secret that needed to be escaped. I appreciate your input.

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