SSM Document Timeout in CDK


I am writing an automation for systems manager using CDK. I would like to call a Systems Manager Run Command when a CloudWatch alarm enters the alarm state, via EventBridge. I was able to achieve this using the CfnDocument and CfnRule constructs in CDK. However, my Run Command shell script is long running, and can time out after 3600 seconds.

Is there any way that I can increase the timeout of the document when invoking from EventBridge?

I know you can increase the timeout when calling Run Command from the console, but I need this to be automated. I've also tried adding 'timeoutSeconds' to the long running steps in my SSM runbook, but it still times out after 3600 s of execution.

  • I think I figured it out. In your ssm document, in the mainsteps section, you add the timeoutSeconds parameter to the inputs of the runcommand, like so:

    - name: LongScript
      action: aws:runShellScript
      - runCommand: "sleep 10000"
        timeoutSeconds: 11000
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