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aws rds cli -- need to search the db-parameter-group(s) for a specific parameter


Hello all. I am successful at querying "aws --no-verify-ssl rds describe-db-parameter-groups". But, I'm trying to filter down in order to view one parameter (audit_trail). Secondly, I need to modify the parameter value to a new string. All I'm finding in the documentation, however, looks like "-> (file)". IOW search the parameter groups for the string "oracle", then the parameters for the string "audit_trail", then the parameterVaule for the string "os". Your guidance is appreciated.

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Thanks for posting to AWS re:Post. Viewing of these parameters can be done by describe-db-parameters

Example aws rds describe-db-parameters --db-parameter-group-name xxxx --query 'Parameters[].{ParameterName: ParameterName, ParameterValue: ParameterValue}' --output json

You can also output to a file ">filename.txt" at the end

Modify by aws rds modify-db-parameter-group --db-parameter-group-name xxxx --parameters "ParameterName='xxxx',ParameterValue=xxxx,ApplyMethod=immediate"

answered a month ago

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