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We realized that we are using the 3 instances 24/7 and we didn't know that there is a Saving Plans and now I would like to ask if we purchase Saving Plans, thus it include the EBS? Currently we have the below billing for EC2. Enter image description here

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Savings Plans don't apply to EBS. At the moment, Savings Plans only cover Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and AWS Fargate usage: https://aws.amazon.com/savingsplans/pricing/

If you are looking to optimize EBS cost, you can consider:

  • Review any unattached EBS volumes that are present in your accounts, unused
  • Migrate to newest generation of volumes (i.e. gp3 and io2) to improve on performance and cost
  • Implement proper backup policies for snapshots and remove old EBS snapshots that may have been around for a long time
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