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Update Runtime Node.js 12.x for amplify-* Functions


Very new to the AWS serverless architecture, so forgive me if there's an obvious and easy answer (which I'm hoping there is). I haven't been able to find it here or apparently know what to search for to find the answer.

End of Support for Node.js 12.x is approaching. I have all of my lambda runtimes updated that I have personally created via my yaml with sam build & deploy. What I'm not sure how to do is, how do I update those lambdas that Amplify generates? I don't have the source or yaml for those. Amplify Studio/Backend created them I believe? Is there a CLI command or button I can push on the console that will update the lambda runtime for me?

Functions such as...

  • amplify-login-create-auth-challenge-456xyz
  • amplify-login-verify-auth-challenge-456xyz
  • amplify-login-define-auth-challenge-456xyz
  • amplify-login-custom-message-456xyz
  • amplify-amplify123abc--UserPoolClientLambda
  • etc

Any help is greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

Amplify Studio/Backend created them I believe?

Yes, The following Amplify official documentation describes them. [1]

[1] Basics - Manage team access - AWS Amplify Docs

Is there a CLI command or button I can push on the console that will update the lambda runtime for me?

At this time, there does not appear to be a way to automatically update the runtime, but the AWS team is already aware of this issue, as noted in the following GitHub Issue. [2]

[2] Amplify studio still generating deprecated Node.js 12.x runtime Lambda functions - Issue #639 - aws-amplify/amplify-adminui

The following question also has a similar answer, and it seems the best approach is to wait for an update to the Amplify CLI. [3]

[3] Amplify auto-generated lambda functions using Node 12 | AWS re:Post

For now, we recommend checking GitHub regularly.
We hope this will be helpful.

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answered 13 days ago

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