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Hi, I created a bunch of LakeFormation tags and trying to associate them with Tables. TableResourceProperty class has a name parameter or table_wildcard . With name, tag will only be associated with single table. My expectation was that for table_wildcard I can assign tags to tables based on wildcard (something like ab_*) so multiple tables can get the same association. However the documentation . Surely the table_wildcard parameter of object type wasn't just added to include all the tables? I am using CDK for provisioning. Can someone please shed some light on this? Can it be used the way I am trying to and if so what syntax should be used.

Thank you

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I think the CDK documentation does a better job explaining this than the CloudFormation docs do.

See here: TableResourceProperty.tablewildcard

You can either apply a single TableResourceProperty to all Tables under the Database by passing an empty object to that member, OR you can provision one TableResourceProperty per Table if you need a subset of tables instead.

I agree, the idea of using that as a selector would make things more convenient, but that's not how it behaves.

I would recommend you open a feature request ticket with AWS Support to suggest the CloudFormation team enhance that option.

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answered 9 months ago

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