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I' m trying to follow a tutorial about Glue, to create a Data Lake from a Mysql Database (RDS). Unfortunately i'm stucked in some issues, and i can not proceed with my learning.

I've used a Blueprint in glue to create the ETL process. This created a crawller and some jobs. The crawller seems to be ok, but the jobs no, the error is: "failed to execute with exception Internal service error: Invalid Input Provided".

Enter image description here

Investigating one of ETL Jobs, i don't have permissions to change it, I receive the following error: "[] putObject: AccessDenied: Access Denied". If i browse the S3 from glue i can see the bucket, but from s3 main page i can not.

Even with my root i can not change any permission: Enter image description here

The ETL Job error could be related with the s3 permissions error or should be other? Any tip?

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