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Enter image description here i am using tomcat 10 as server .In browser is working properly. opens my index.jsp file. already configured security group as { ssh 22 anywhere } { custom tcp 8080 anywhere } . configured route 53 with . with type { A lncomputers } { CNAME } ] pasted all four NS to my hostinger domain as custom domain. 1 day ago . but when i type in browser still shows error as this site cant be reached.......
.................plzzzzz help me . i am very disappoint from this. ***** is my mail id , you can connect to me through this mail also

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Elaborating on @Brettski-AWS comment:

You have configured your server to listen on port 8080. When accessing via the domain name & you are sending traffic to port 80 and not 8080. You need to access it as or configure some redirection from 80 to 8080 on the server or configure tomcat to listen on port 80. And when you configure it for port 80 you'll also need to allow inbound traffic for port 80 in the Security group

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answered 2 months ago

I've just tested that domain name and the CNAME (www) on port 8080 using curl and I get a response back. DNS looks ok to me. Server looks to be running. I think it's operating as planned.

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answered 2 months ago

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