SNS subscriptions are not visible after removing and creating the topic again. It can be a bug

  1. I Created one topic.
  2. added one subscription but not confirmed
  3. Deleted the topic but still all subscription were visible event topic name was still visible and when I clicked on topic it was showing topic is not available.
  4. created the topic again. not when I click on topic(from subcription tab) it lands to newly created topic but there is no subscription available in this topic. Seems some issue with AWS and it can be a bug
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I was able to reproduce the same event in my environment using the same procedure.

From what I can find, it appears to be the same issue as the following GitHub Issue. [1]

[1] Regression: SNS topic subscription is not recreated after SNS topic delete/recreate - Issue #25059 - hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws

The above GitHub Issue is related to Terraform, but the same issue seems to occur in the management console.

The workaround is to create a new subscription with the newly created topic, but the link received in the email for the old subscription shows "Subscription not confirmed".

It appears that the old subscription cannot be deleted, so the only way to get around this is to give it some time. [2]

[2] How do I delete unconfirmed subscriptions for removed topics?

I wish there was an SNS GitHub for this issue, but I could not find one.
If there is a place to give feedback to AWS, it would be nice if I could.

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answered 3 months ago

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