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I'm an Azure Development Support Engineer. New to AWS Cloud (Self-learning)

Not Sure Can ask this question here or not & with which tags. Apologies for any wrong tags or any mistakes in my questioning.

To learn for Azure Certifications, Microsoft has some official documentation for each certification such as

Similarly, do we have any official Learning Documentation for AWS Cloud Practitioner, and Developer Associate?

In my efforts - I have found the official docs/information for specific topics but not like the sequential topics in certification perspective.

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Hi Hari, no apology needed ;)

A similar learning path is available for those two certifications.

For instance the AWS Cloud practitioner has this page. On its bottom, there are references for exam guides, training and sample exams. Same for developer associate:

Moreover, I have written a guide with resources that helped me achieve those certifications, here is a link:

Hope it helps and if it does I’d appreciate the answer to be accepted so that community can benefit for clarity when searching in repost for similar enquires. Thanks and good luck!

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