Streaming GUI Application from a Docker Container


We are trying to use ECS and docker to deploy our application that is rendering a window (VTK). The docker container should run on an EC2 instance (with GPU) with a NICE DCV server. What we now need to do is stream the application inside the docker container to the DCV client.

My Question now is: Can this be done?

The setup is as follows:

EC2 Instance with GPU:

  • DCV Server
  • X Server
  • Docker with Docker-Container that contains the Rendering Application

Our application renders its content on the display of the XServer. The display is forwarded from the host ( The DCV server now should somehow be able to see the rendered content and stream it to the client. How do we configure docker/DCV/XServer to achieve the desired result? Is this even possible?

We could deploy our application directly on the EC2 instance, but due to our predefined release pipeline this undesirable.

Thanks, Julian

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Hi Julian,

we have developed a fully automatic script deploying DCV into a container with and without GPU on the docker host:

Maybe it can give you some ideas how to realize your goal.

Best regards, Karsten @ NI SP

answered 2 years ago
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Awesome, thank you so much, that's exactly what we needed. I set it up on an Amazon Linux 2 g4dn.xlarge instance and seems to work fine. We'll have to heavily customize the startup script but that's a great starting point!

answered 2 years ago

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