How to Connect Private RDS PostgreSql Instance using Pgadmin locally?


Enter image description here Hello experts, From above Architecture diagram you can able to get all the required information. Here is the doubts:

  • My goal is to connect RDS Postgresql Engine from my pgadmin locally and to build a dashboard using tableau from that RDS Database.
  • My Ec2 instance will do data extraction process and store it into DB, Now I need to access the database whenever my EC2 instance is turned off or directly connect to DB from my pgadmin locally, However it should present in private subnet. Any guidance and help will be really thankful to you. As I'm beginner please help to solve this problem. 🙏🙂🙏
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You're right that the DB should be in a private subnet. In an enterprise environment you typically access it from local desktops via Direct Connect or site-to-site VPN. In other situations you have a few options including Client VPN, an EC2 jump/proxy server to tunnel through or using an AWS Workspace to run pgadmin.

answered 2 years ago
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  • First thankyou for your comment, I'll try your solution and I hope this will solve my problem🙂🙏


To add on @skinsman answer, In addition to setting up network (VPN or DirectConnect), You will have to ensure that <br/>

  1. Security group should allows IP range of your client machines (postgreSQL clients) to Amazon RDS
  2. You would also need to resolve DNS from onpremise, you will require DNS Resolver to resolve RDS DNS from onpremise. REF:
answered 2 years ago

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