How to know if/when AWS will issue a new NodeJS runtime via auto-update for lambdas?


According to the latest release from the NodeJS team's website, v20.15.1 contains the latest security patches for the v20.x runtime.

When I create a brand new lambda with v20.x as the runtime option, v20.14.10 is the latest version provided by AWS automatically on v20.x.

How do I know if/when AWS will release another update to the list of 'auto-update' runtimes, to bring it to at least v20.15.1 ?

I know I can manually pin versions, but that somewhat defeats the point of keeping the auto-update runtime version enabled?

Please note: I am not asking how to perform an upgrade. v20.x is already LTS.

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Here is the statement from the documentation.

New runtime releases

Lambda provides managed runtimes for new language versions only when the release reaches the long-term support (LTS) phase of the language's release cycle. For example, for the Node.js release cycle, when the release reaches the Active LTS phase.

Before the release reaches the long-term support phase, it remains in development and can still be subject to breaking changes. Lambda applies runtime updates automatically by default, so breaking changes to a runtime version could stop your functions from working as expected.

Lambda doesn't provide managed runtimes for language versions which aren't scheduled for LTS release.

The following list shows the target launch month for upcoming Lambda runtimes. These dates are indicative only and subject to change.

  • Python 3.13 - November 2024
  • Node.js 22 - November 2024
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  • Hi, the runtime in question is already in active LTS phase. According to this page "Lambda keeps each managed runtime up to date with security updates, bug fixes, new features, performance enhancements, and support for minor version releases. These runtime updates are published as runtime versions. Lambda applies runtime updates to functions by migrating the function from an earlier runtime version to a new runtime version." and according to this page it says that the responsibility of Lambda is to "1) Publish new runtime versions containing the latest patches. 2) Apply runtime patches to existing functions.".

    So I guess I'm still confused. Will it update, or not? And if it does, when?

    Edit: I had already read that in the documentation prior to posting, and respectfully, copying vague statements doesn't answer the question I asked. That's why I'm here in the first place..

  • I apologize that you did not appreciate the answer. That said it is the stated policy from the documentation, so it is accurate. If you want deeper info than the public documentation, your best bet will be to open a support case. re:Post is a community forum all users here (even AWS employees) are volunteers and can only provide insight from their experience and from public information.

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