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We placed an order for a small 8 TB Snowball last week with 2 day shipping. We're almost a week out and we still haven't received a tracking number. Need to know what's going on or the delay. I was expecting it to get shipped out fairly quickly so we could time configuration and transfer of data into our S3 Glacier vault.

  • Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you provide a bit more information regarding your job? What region and job ID for your job order? This will allow us to accurately provide an update to you.

    When you place an order, the devices will be provisioned and shipped out to you using our shipping carrier. Typically once the device is provisioned, the device will reach you under 2 days and you will be given a tracking number to follow. But sometimes there will be delays in provisioning devices due to inventory availability or error in job configuration or new customer account at AWS.

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When you create a job, you provide the address that you want the Snowball shipped to. The carrier that supports your region handles the shipping of Snowballs from AWS to you, and from you back to AWS. Whenever a Snowball is shipped, you get a tracking number. You can find each job's tracking number and a link to the tracking website from the AWS Snow Family Management Console's job dashboard, or by using API calls to the job management API. Following is the list of supported carriers for Snowball by region:

I believe you ve taken 2 day shipping in the US. What does it show in the Console when you login to the AWS account ? Is it possible for you to also create an AWS Support case to check on the same ?

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  • We created job 6 days ago. It took 2 days to get noticed that job was being prepared and getting the preparing shipment notification. No change since last Thursday or tracking number. Not sure we are able to create a support case that links to the job ID JID9de41b87-a02f-4398-9ab8-03ac8886e135. Please advise on how to get a hold of someone within the Snowball order process.


Hi there, Thank you for providing the JOBID details. I can see internally in our system that this device has been prepared and was shipped via UPS. It should arrive today. Tracking number should be available in your AWS console. Thank you again for your interest in the AWS Snow Service.

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