Remove trailing slashes from AWS S3 stating webhosting site


I have generated my WordPress website as static html and deployed it to s3 bucket to serve as static website.

Here is my website endpoint:

My SEO team wants that the page URLs must not contain trailing slashes, but I could not find any document online that could allow me to get rid of trailing slashes from the URL eg : leads to

I tried using redirects but then it ends up in too many redirects.

        "Condition": {
            "KeyPrefixEquals": "demo/"
        "Redirect": {
            "ReplaceKeyPrefixWith": "demo"

Please advice !

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1 Answer

May you try this LambdaEdge function: LambdaEdgeRemoveTrailingSlash ?

It seems to solve your issue.

You may read more about LambdaEdge here too:

answered 2 years ago
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