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According to the above web page on DMS costs, the listed fees are added on an hourly basis depending on the instance type.

Question. Is there a charge for just having a replication instance (even if the database migration task is not running)? Or is the fee charged only when the database migration task is running?

For example, if I create a replication instance and run the database migration task for 2 hours a day with an api like boto3 below, do I have to pay for only 2 hours of usage?

boto3 api

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To save costs on the running DMS instance you could resize it to a smaller t3 or t2 instance depending on the region, when it is not performing a replication task. You cannot stop the instance in DMS as you pointed out. If you automate the creation of the instance and the replication tasks you could look at creating it each time you needed to use it. An example of this is shown in this blog using cloudformation. You should be able to convert this to gain an idea of automating the setup and tear down of DMS. It will take some time so plan on starting the DMS resource creation at least an hour before your window.

answered a month ago

DMS makes use of an EC2 instance to act as a replication instance. EC2 is pay as you go, so if you stop an instance, AWS will shut it down so you will not be charged for the usage of the stopped instances or any data transfer fees. What you do get charged for is other resources that are attached to your stopped instances such as storage of any EBS volume or S3 storage. So to answer your question, if the instance is powered on, you'll be charged for the compute (EC2) being used, as well as the data transfer, storage, etc. If the instance is powered off, you'll only be charged for the storage attached to the instance.

Take a look at our AWS Pricing Calculator and play around with the numbers to see exactly what you'll be charged for when using DMS.

answered a month ago
  • Dear AWSJoe

    Thank you for your reply.

    If the instance is powered off,

    You mean that stop replication instance, right? Is it possible to stop the replication instance? Additionally, when using DMS, is it usually necessary to keep the replication instance running at all times?

    Best Regards,

  • @Yasshi-Cookie. The DMS Replication Instance is a fully managed EC2, so you don't have the ability to power down as you would a regular EC2 instance. With DMS, after your instance is running you have the ability to reboot, modify, delete. Generally, customer leave the instance running for the duration of their DB migration, then delete the instance after their data has successfully been migrated.

  • @AWSJoe Thank you very much. I see. Usually, We need to keep a replication instance of DMS running during migration. Also we can delete the replication instance but cannot power down the instance.

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