Share and use Dedicated Hosts among multiple IAM users


Hi, Is it possible to share and use Dedicated Hosts among multiple IAM users? For example, IAM user A launches EC2 instance #A on some Dedicated Hosts. Can IAM User B run EC2 instance #B on the same Dedicated Hosts?

I have read the FAQ below.

At the beginning of this FAQ, it says "fully dedicated for your use."

But I'm not sure if it can be dedicated by one IAM user.

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Hi there,

Yes, you can do what you are trying to do. This dedicated host is available for your entire AWS account's use. Anyone you give permission to run/control those instances applies whether you have a dedicated or shared host. IAM policies should be the same as well.

Hope this helps.

answered 3 months ago


fully dedicated for your use

Means that the host is dedicated to your account. To use a Dedicated Host, you first allocate hosts for use in your account. You then launch instances onto the hosts by specifying host tenancy for the instance. See

So its not limited to one IAM user by default however you can use IAM policies to grant users permissions to view and work with specific resources in the Amazon EC2 console. See

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answered 3 months ago

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