eu-central-1 CLOUDFRONT scoped AWS::WAFv2::WebACL


Hi all.

I'm faced with situation that can't fix (something like here)

A short explanation: I want vith CloudFormation service automatically create WebACL to restrict CloudFronf Distribution. I can do it manually (it's done) and restriction works. IPSet and WebACL created in Global (CloudFront) region automatically and no options to change it.

BTW, this WebACL has global it their ARN

In CloudFormation I know that must use option Scope: CLOUDFRONT and know that resource must be created in N.Virginia region. Whole my infrastructure locates in Frankfurt region and it is not possible to transfer to another. As a result while deploy template I got 400 error caused by region.

So how can I create needed IPSet and WebACL using CloudFormation in my case?

Or maybe one of way to perform a task - how to set region exactly to one task in template

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