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/Elasticache Redis 6 multi-threading enabled?/

Elasticache Redis 6 multi-threading enabled?


My organization is using the Redis Cluster implementation of ElastiCache 5.0.6. Redis 6 boasts multi-threading which can improve performance , but it is disabled by default. If we upgrade to ElastiCache with Redis 6.x, will it have multi-thread enabled? How many threads? Is there a way to configure multi-threading capabilities at time of migration?

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ElastiCache Redis 5.0.3 and higher for newer generations with 4 or more vCPUs, we do dynamic network processing to enhance I/O handling and it utilizes extra CPU core. This greatly improve the throughput/latency and work best for applications that require a larger number of concurrent connections. And it is worth mentioning that no client side changes are needed to get these benefits. More details can be found on this blog[1]. Also, ElastiCache for Redis 6.2 has done performance improvement for TLS-enabled clusters to offload encryption and connection handling outside the main Redis thread and some explanations are provided on this page[2]. Redis is still a single threaded by design, but these enhancement we have made improve performance.

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answered a month ago

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