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Are you able to hide tables in a database using Lake Formation Tagging



I have a database with around 40 tables. However, some end users don't need to see all tables in the database. I'm using Lake Formation Tagging and know that if a tag is added to the database that the tag is then inherited by all the tables. I also found by going into the table that the inherited tags can't be removed.

I tried adding a tag to just the table level and granting permissions but the database won't appear as the tag is only at the table level.

Is there a way to hide certain tables in a database by using Lake Formation Tagging?

1 Answer

You can't hide the table, however you can restrict access to table within database using lake formation tag based access control. In simplest terms follow below steps -

  1. Define Tag at Database level
  2. Define Tag at Table Level
  3. Grant LF-tag permisions to specific IAM role/principal by using tags defined at database level and table level.

More details -

answered 6 months ago

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