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AWS Connect - Security Profile Permissions



With our current security profile configuration, managers are unable to see routing profile configurations (quey priorities + delays).

Is there a permission that can be added to their security profile so that they have view-only access across all routing profiles?

AWS Connect documentation does not include permissions definitions - and I'm also unsure if this is a comprehensive list.

1 Answers

You can configure security profiles that have view-only access to all routing profiles by navigating to Users > Security Profiles and selecting the security profile you'd like to edit. From there, you can open the accordion for "Routing" and look for the permission "Routing Profiles". You can then select "view" as the only option to enable for that permission item and save the updated profile. If you are configuring security profiles programmatically, then elect to enable RoutingPolicies.View as the permission.

answered 2 months ago

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