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I created a Windows Server on Lightsail 4 days ago and did not change the password nor have I been able to login to the server yet. When using the AWS Browser RDP I get prompted for the Admin password. When I go below and click on the link to retrieve the default password I get the error "Your Password isn't available yet, try again later". How Do I get the default password for a Windows Instance on lightsail? Does it take more than 4 days to create?

thanks in advance

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Hi, @Mark.

No, you can get it immediately after a few minutes of creation.

If you restore the administrator password from the changed snapshot, you will not be able to get the password. So I'm guessing you changed from the snapshot.

In that case, you need the modified password that was configured before the snapshot was taken.
I previously wrote the following article about it.

If you want to recover, you may be able to convert Lightsail to EC2 and reset your password with EC2 Rescue.

If it happens in a blueprint instead of a snapshot, please tell me the region and blueprint you created.

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answered 2 years ago

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