Unable to log in AWS Console after last trial in 1 year


Hi team,

I was unable to log in to the AWS console (https://signin.aws.amazon.com/), and it told me my email address does not exist (the error msg: There was an error. An AWS account with that sign-in information does not exist. Try again or create a new account.).

And then I follow the instruction to create a new account with the same email address. it said my account already exiting by mail ("AWS Account Already Exists"), and asking me to log in...:0)

This makes a loop that I can never log in to my AWS account. while I am even not sure if my account exists or not. i guess it shall be removed due to long-time inactivation?

I have tried to reach out to support (https://support.aws.amazon.com/#/contacts/aws-account-support/) , but they only give me a standard login guide and even in a standard email template format... which really not helping...at all.

I was using that AWS account for self learning 1 year before, just recently i have a new project need to see if i can use AWS in it thus i need to sign in and trail some feature.

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AWS accounts are not automatically deleted.
If you know the email address that was used for the account, it would be possible to change the password.

If you are logging in with an email address, I assume you are logging in as the root user, so you should be able to log in with the following documentation.

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  • Tried, but the page just prompts "There was an error: An AWS account with that sign-in information does not exist. Try again or create a new account."

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Thanks, bros, finally got the answer from AWS support.

"If you are unable to access the account even after following the troubleshooting provided, it can be that the account would have got terminated (closed for more than 90 days). Incase the account would have got terminated, all the data on the account is lost. After 90 days, any content remaining in the account will be permanently deleted, and AWS services that aren't already terminated will be terminated

For terminated accounts, you must create a new AWS Account with new email address which is not linked to any existing active or closed account."

Seems my account was terminated and the email is now blocked by AWS due to long inactivation. Thanks for AWS support.

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Have you tried resetting your password for you account to see if the email address is still used for that account?


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  • I tried, not working as even the page stopped before going to the page that asked for a password.

    Likely, from the AWS management console perspective, my account does not exist. But, for the backend engine of AWS, my account exists. Thus I cannot login at the same time I also cannot register a new account with the same email.

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