What services would i need to implement a real time matchmaking system for chat application.



  • Real time matchmaking system that matches two users based on their input keyword interest. e.g. User 1 has interests of ['AWS', 'Azure', 'GCP'] while User 2 has interests of ['AWS', 'Azure'], since there is at least 1 common interest this should be sufficient to match the two persons. Basically Omegle.

My Incomplete Solution:

  • Store users looking for a new match in a DynamoDB table. Remove them from the table when they stopped looking for a new match.


  • Within 5 seconds, I need to look for a match for a user constantly. Given that the list of users looking for a match is stored in a DynamoDB table, is there a way I could search & filter the table in real-time constantly until 5 seconds is done?

Other Ideas:

  • AWS has GameLift which does the matchmaking but I'm not sure if this would be the best pick given that this is not a game application but rather a chat application.
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Hey Renz,

Amazon GameLift's FlexMatch feature lets you fully customize your rules, so it can be as simple as you need. Additionally, they provide an intersection expression that might be what you want: set_intersection (rule expression reference).

Amazon GameLift also provides Standalone FlexMatch which allows you to use their matchmaking solution in isolation and with a different pricing model from standard GameLift making it useful even for non-game applications (check out Pricing > Amazon GameLift FlexMatch for more info).

Hope that helps!

answered a month ago

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