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/t4g.nano cannot be initialized/

t4g.nano cannot be initialized



Is there a way to ask Amazon to optimize t4g.nano instances? The issue is that it's not possible to log in using an SSH key after instance initialization and the only solution is to reboot the instance and try again. Sometimes one reboot isn't enough.

I suppose this happens due to the lack of memory (512MB) for ARM64 architecture (as memory page size is bigger for aarch64) and the instance should be initialized with SWAP (256-512MB) by default.

  • Do you have the same problem when you use the Amazon Linux 2 AMI?

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Also, I'm thinking that the issue should be addressed to AMI developers. I'm using AMI with CentOS 8.4 for aarch64, so devs should preconfigure swap for such cases.

In addition:

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Accepted Answer

So, if use Amazon Linux 2 it works as expected. I had the issue with CentOS 8, but according to Minimum RAM requirements 768 MiB is a minimum value, so, it looks like expected. Meanwhile, I have no issues with CentOS 8 on t4g.nano in Hong Kong region, but it takes a bit of time.

answered a month ago

Have you considered starting a session via SSM instead. Requires the EC2 instance is running the SSM agent and relevant policy attached to the EC2 instance role. SSM essentially provides one-click access to ec2 instances without the need to open inbound ports or manage SSH keys.

Refer to

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  • SSM is great but it's just a workaround because base functionality doesn't work.


To add to RoB's answer, you can also use Use EC2Rescue for Linux. refer to link {1}

With the help of SSM, The AWSSupport-TroubleshootSSH runbook installs EC2Rescue for Linux and then uses the tool to check or attempt to fix common issues that prevent a remote connection to a Linux machine via SSH. For more information, refer to link {2}

Please refer to the below link to know more:



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