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/How to create a super user on MSK/

How to create a super user on MSK


What's the easiest way to have a super user on MSK using SASL/SCRAM

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As super.users parameter is currently not supported in MSK, following is one way to achieve something similar -- is by default set to true, so you can start by adding ACLs for the intended principal/user allowing all 'operations' on resource types like topic, group. And on resource type 'cluster' add ACLs for all operations except CLUSTER_ACTIONS(to avoid blocking brokers, don't set ACLs on CLUSTER_ACTIONS)(1).

After you set the Apache Kafka ACLs for the user, update the cluster's configuration to have the property to false for the cluster(2). This way above user will act similar to a super user and all other users will be denied access unless ACLs are added for other users as well.



answered 6 months ago

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