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/Athena query fails with GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: Missing variable: <column_name>/

Athena query fails with GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: Missing variable: <column_name>


After creating quite complex view based on "UNION ALL" of 4 complex selects I've ended up with a curious situation:
1. The view itself is queried OK with simple queries like select * from <view_name> where <conditions>
2. Once I wrap it into bigger select like select count(*) from (select * from <view_name> where <conditions>) I get the following strange error:
GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: Missing variable: <column_name> where <column_name> is absolutely live and valid column that could be queried and returned as usual

The issue is repeatable - once I recreate the same set of views on another Database and same data - issue repeats

However it's barely searched on the web - looks like nobody faced such errors

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Update on the topic: I had the hypothesis that the resulting query is too long (after unwrapping all the selects from underlying views)
So I changed the <view_name> to Create Table As Select and looks like it fixed my problem, however I'm not sure that exactly this helped

answered 13 days ago

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