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adding a subdomain to route 53 with cloudfront


I have an Lightsail server that I would like to use to host multiple websites. I've set up a virtual host on apache to do this, and I have verified that it works by adding the server IP address as an A record for that subdomain. However, what I would like to do is have everything run through the Cloudfront CDN just as the main domain is currently. So I have set up, and would like to get running. I removed the A record. What do I need to adjust in order to make this work? I am guessing my DNS settings in Route 53 need to be changed, but how?

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Assuming the subdomains are serving up different content, you will need to create a CloudFront distribution for each subdomain and then in Route 53 use an Alias in the subdomain record to point to the distribution.

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answered 7 months ago

What ended up working was to keep my single CloudFront distribution and single server, then have Route 53 CNAMEs for each subdomain I set up via the TLS/SSL cert system. Also as a note, the virtual host does not need an https config on the server, likely because the CloudFront TLS system removes that necessity

answered 7 months ago

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