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Maximum number of Integrations for this API has been reached?


I'm deploying websocket routes to API Gateway and i'm now getting the following error "Recoverable error occurred (Maximum number of Integrations for this API has been reached. Please contact AWS if you need additional Integrations.)"

What does this mean? I only have 8 routes at the moment..

2 Answers

In our v2 model(apigatewayv2), an integration is independent from a route and it can be reused by multiple routes. A route has Target attribute to refer the integration. If you configure a route and an integration in the Console, it will create a route, an integration and update the route with a target reference to the integration. However, when you remove a route, it will remove the route only. This means a number of routes does not always match to a number of integrations.

It is likely that you have dangling integrations by creating/removing/re-creating route(s) in the Console. Unfortunately the Console does not show those dangling integrations. Can you check how many integrations are in your API with CLI? Our integration per API is limited to 300.

aws apigatewayv2 get-integrations --api-id <YOUR_API_ID>

If you already have 300 integrations, use CLI to find which integration(s) are used by current routes.

aws apigatewayv2 get-target --api-id <YOUR_API_ID> | grep Target

This will give integrationIds are currently used.
"Target": "integrations/<YOUR_INTEGRATION_ID>",
"Target": "integrations/<YOUR_INTEGRATION_ID>",

Then remove unused integrations using CLI.
aws apigatewayv2 delete-integration --integration-id <UNUSED_INTEGRATION_ID>

I'll add a backlog to provide a better user experience for this.

answered 4 years ago

Ay ok thank you! Yes im sure I had alot of left over integrations because i've been removing alot of routes and re-creating them :D Thanks for this info!!!

answered 4 years ago

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