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How to manually back up an Amazon Workspace?


I'd like to manually back up an Amazon Workspace. I want to manually trigger a backup, try some experiment (like installing a new program), and then if the experiment fails, restore from the backup I just made. I know that Workspaces are automatically backed up at 12 hour intervals, but a 12 hour interval is way too long. If I have to revert, I could lose 12 hours worth of work! Is there any way to manually trigger a backup?

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1 Answer

There is no way to trigger a manual backup of the WorkSpaces data drive. Additionally, WorkSpaces only backup the user drive (D drive) for a WorkSpace. The OS Drive (C: drive) is not backed up during a backup job so any programs installed will not be restored during a WorkSpaces rebuild.

Please see Mayank_J's response below for documentation regarding the restore / rebuild process

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answered a month ago

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