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/Quicksight: Navigation Action with parameters doesn't update the controls in the new tab/

Quicksight: Navigation Action with parameters doesn't update the controls in the new tab


Hello! I have an analysis in Quicksight with two tabs - one is an "overview" tab where we look at all of our units, and then there's a "deep dive" tab where it gives more detail about a single unit.

The "overview" tab has a table where it lists all of the units and various metrics for them. I want to be able to click on a row in that table, and have it take me to the "deep dive" tab. When it goes to the deep dive tab, I want it to fill in a couple controls on the new tab (like the unit serial number) so that all the visuals filter by that serial number, and the tab is showing me just information about this specific unit.

It seems like a Navigation Action with updating parameters is the way to go, but it doesn't work. When I click on the row I want (both in the analysis and the dashboard), it takes me to the deep dive tab, but it doesn't fill in the controls, so they still display "all". it seems like this is not the functionality intended.

In the "Action" tab for the visual in the "overview" tab, I have selected the following options: Activation: "Select" Action Type: Navigation Action Target Sheet: deep dive tab Parameters: Here I have listed the parameters I want to fill, and the fields that correspond to them.

Again, when I click on the row, it takes me to the new tab, but it doesn't fill in the parameters. Is this a bug or is this as intended? If it's intended, how do I make it so users can click on a row and it takes me to the deep dive tab and fills in the controls so that the visuals filter by the control values?

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Hello jros14,

Thank you for posting this detailed question. Firstly this behavior you are expecting as I understand it, is possible.

In an effort to keep this post concise, I have found and reviewed this youtube video from a third party, that gives great insight into Navigation actions and the passing of parameters + controls to the secondary sheet .

If this resource does not provide the required insight into the Navigation action issue you are experiencing I would invite you to Create a support case so that we may further dive into the specifics of your configuration.

answered 2 months ago

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