Implementing Pagination with RDS Resolver Mapping Template


Hi Team,

As part of our project, we have to retrieve data from the database to the front end using graphql. How do we implement pagination with RDS resolver mapping. I only see select query option like this:

{ "version": "2018-05-29", "statements": [ "select title, isbn13 from BOOKS where author = 'Mark Twain'" ] }

Is it possible to implement "SCAN" option which is available in Dynamodb resolver mapping template ?: { "version" : "2017-02-28", "operation" : "Scan", "index" : "fooIndex", "limit" : 10, "consistentRead" : false, "nextToken" : "aPaginationToken", "totalSegments" : 10, "segment" : 1, "filter" : { ... } }

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