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Route 53 hosted zone not working



I have created a Route53 public hosted zone and it was working fine for 1 hour after that it is throwing This site can’t be reached

My domain is in Godaddy and I have updated the Naming Servers in the Godaddy.

When I have checked in DNS lookup it showing me the naming server and other details exactly same and no error.

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3 Answers

Greetings from AWS!
In order to further troubleshoot this issue can you try to perform the following commands from your client machine:

dig <domain-name> @
dig <domain-name> @Route53-NameServer
dig <domain-name> +trace

nslookup <domain-name>
nslookup <domain-name> <Route53-NameServer>
nslookup -debug <domain-name>

You can also try to check the domain resolution across the globe using the following online tool:

I hope the above information will be useful.


answered a year ago


Thanks for the information

dig <domain-name> @Route53-NameServer

Giving error - dig: couldn't get address for 'Route53-NameServer': not found

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answered a year ago

I found the solution for the website not working

in apache2.conf file

I did this and it started working

<Directory /var/www/>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None - change to AllowOverride All
Require all granted

And also I was using let's encrypt previously and when I moved to new ec2, I required to install the Let's Encrypt SSL once again

answered a year ago

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