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/Limitations on Step Functions SDK Integration for Elasticsearch/

Limitations on Step Functions SDK Integration for Elasticsearch


After "Announcement: AWS Step Functions adds support for over 200 AWS Services with AWS SDK Integration":

We wanted to use the new AWS SDK Integration in Step Functions to start up a OpenSearch/Elasticsearch Domain, however Step Functions does not seem to support the EBSOptions parameter, as it errors with:

The Parameters '{\"ElasticsearchClusterConfig\":{\"InstanceType\":\"t3.small.elasticsearch\",\"InstanceCount\":1,\"DedicatedMasterEnabled\":false,\"ZoneAwarenessEnabled\":false},\"DomainName\":\"test-12345\",\"ElasticsearchVersion\":\"7.1\",\"EBSOptions\":{\"EBSEnabled\":true,\"VolumeType\":\"gp2\",\"VolumeSize\":100},\"VPCOptions\":OMITTED,\"AccessPolicies\":OMITTED}' could not be used to start the Task: The field \"EBSOptions\" is not supported by Step Functions

The same parameters work just fine using boto3.

Is this by design? Should we expect support in the future or it is never going to be an option? Is there any documentation about these limitations?

Is there a workaround other than using the SDK directly in a Lambda?

Edited by: LPKTech on Oct 22, 2021 5:15 AM - Fix formatting of the error and added detail about it running on boto3

2 Answers
Accepted Answer

The parameters are Pascal case so instead you can use EbsOptions and it should work.

answered 6 months ago

That works (I had to do the same with VPCOptions and other fields)

A similar issue that came up though is on the Tags field though on the same ElasticSearch creation:
The field "Tags" is not supported by Step Functions

Any idea on how to fix this one?

answered 6 months ago

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