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Prevent CodePipeline from executing on create


I've built an orchestration layer using step functions and cloud formation to spin up pipelines based on CloudFormation templates included in a project's Git repository. One of the things I'm running into is if a CloudFormation template didn't change, I have to manually kick off the pipeline - whereas if it created the stack, it runs automatically. I'd much rather be in full control of when that pipeline kicks off.

Is there a way to prevent execution upon creation of the Code Pipeline?

1 Answers

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the initial CodePipeline execution. There is a feature request already in place but I would not be able to share the ETA or whether the feature would be released. I have added your voice to the feature request. A workaround is to Add a manual approval action to a pipeline in CodePipeline.

answered 22 days ago

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