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ELI5: AWS Accounts


I come from an Azure background and I'm having trouble understanding accounts (not user accounts). My brain wants to map each AWS feature to an Azure feature but this one escapes me. Are accounts like Management Groups or Resource Groups or RBAC roles (in Azure) or Security Groups (in Azure AD)? Can someone give me a simple explanation of accounts?

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An AWS account also acts as an isolation boundary for resources, permissions and access policies. When you need to isolate applications into different accounts due to either compliance, data classification or other reasons, you can use AWS Organizations to define and organize multiple accounts into a way that reflects your organizational hierarchy. AWS Organizations --> Organizational Units (OU) --> OUs or accounts.

answered 5 months ago

AWS account is an organizational construct. You could create different accounts for different departments, like application-account, network-account, security-account etc.

These links have good info:

answered 5 months ago

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