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Importing Ubuntu 20.04 cloud images


Following the instructions at Doing a

aws ec2 import-image --disk-containers Format=OVA,UserBucket="{S3Bucket=<RedactedBucket>,S3Key=ubuntu-18.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.ova}"

Using the image at, works as expected and the AMI is created fine.

But the same using, i.e the 20.04 image returns

ClientError: We were unable to read your import's initramfs/initrd to determine what drivers your import requires to run in EC2.

I know there are AMIs available with the Ubuntu 20.04, I am trying to understand what causes this error and how to overcome it in a custom OVA I am building.


  • Had this exact same error trying to import an ubuntu 20.04 image, created on Virtualbox, starting from the ubuntu focal-server-cloudimg-amd64.ova , using default kernel 5.4.0-121-generic.

    Please help!

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