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Unexpected number of sqs requests


I've registered aws account few days ago and managed to run few lambdas integrated with API gateway, SQS, s3, DynamoDB and RDS etc. I've performed few requests and sent not more than 10 messages to sqs. However when I opened my billing console I saw that there are more than 20000 SQS requests tracked on my account (other services statistic was totally ok).
I am 100% sure my code could not trigger such amount of requests, and despite the fact I am still pretty far from exceeding the free tier limit I am very curious why is that happening?
I hope someone who is more experienced in sqs could help me to understand that.

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There's a bit more info in the announcement of the integration between Lambda and SQS:

There are no additional charges for this feature, but because the Lambda service is continuously long-polling the SQS queue the account will be charged for those API calls at the standard SQS pricing rates.

answered 3 years ago

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