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/Error creating fleets. "Current limit of fleets of 0 have been reached.."/

Error creating fleets. "Current limit of fleets of 0 have been reached.."


I have checked with support and confirmed this is not a payment issue. Yesterday, I was able to create new fleets in AWS Gamelift without a problem. In the past, I have gotten a similar error once I have 5 fleets, "Current limit of fleets of 5 have been reached.." Currently I have 2 active fleets, and am unable to make a third.

  • Hello! We are facing the same problem. AWS Support Team keeps sending the boilerplate answer, and it is not helpful at all... Did you manage to solve this issue?

2 Answers

Hello, I am also getting the same error. It came up 3 days ago after terminating a fleet and creating a new one. Was working absolutely fine until that last fleet creation attempt.

I contacted AWS support after upgrading my account to get access to technical support assistance, they’ve increased my Gamelift service limit for fleets but the error persists.

I also tested deploying a build and fleet on another region and even created a brand new account to test and the error persists. I’m guessing this is a general account / gamelift problem?

Doesnt work from CLI either

answered 3 months ago
  • The problem was solved? I've had the same problem for two days. As my game is still in the backend deployment phase, I would like to evaluate other options. Due to the amount of complaints without a clear answer from Amazon regarding this issue, perhaps using Gamelift is not a viable option.


After a week of trying to debug, AWS Supprot finally unlocked my restriction. Though I am still unsure of what caused the issue and how to prevent it from happening again. Definitely was a general issue with non-organization accounts it seems.

answered 3 months ago

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