Can an AWS EventBridge Rule target a Kinesis Data Stream (with a custom event, not AWS event)?


In EventBridge I have an Event Bus with 2 Rules. In Kinesis I have a Data Stream.

One of the Rules has as a Target a Log Group in CloudWatch. The second Rule has as a Targe my Data Stream in Kinesis. This Rule has a Role with a Policy to execute all needed actions on my Data Stream.

When I go to my Event Bus and test it using "Send events" button, I see the event in the Log Group but nothing in my Data Stream. In "Event source" I enter: com.mycompany.poc.eventbus

EventBridge -> Rule -> Kinesis Streams

I don't find any other activity in Cloud Trail nor Cloud Watch. My Event Pattern is like this:

  "source": ["com.mycompany.poc.eventbus"]

Does someone have any clue?

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Events in EventBridge can only accept the following fields: Time, Source, Resources, DetailType, Detail, EventBusName, TraceHeader. If you need to pass additional information, such as a partition key, you need to include it inside the Detail field.

If you need to include a Partition key when sending to Kinesis, you will need to use an Input Transformer to create the appropriate structure, and use the key from the Detail fiel.

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answered a year ago
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Thanks Uri,

another option that I found is to include PartitionKey inside Detail,

then in Target Rule add: \"InputPath\":\"$.detail\" , \"KinesisParameters\":{\"PartitionKeyPath\":\"$.detail.PartitionKey\"}

answered a year ago
  • This is exactly what I means by using the Input Transformer.


It looks like the Kinesis Data Stream needs to receive PartitionKey but I can't include PartitionKey in the EventBridge Event. I'm trying this:

aws events put-events --entries '[{"Source": "my.source", "DetailType": "my.detailtype", "Detail": "{\"key\": \"value\"}", "PartitionKey": "my_partition_key", "EventBusName": "myEventBus"}]'

But I get this error: Unknown parameter in Entries[0]: "PartitionKey", must be one of: Time, Source, Resources, DetailType, Detail, EventBusName, TraceHeader

Any clue?

answered a year ago

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