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Lightsail instance location how to choose Hongkong?


I need to build a website mainly server people in and around Hongkong area.

So i need a server and the routes to be in there for the best connection.

but aws doesnt let me create a lightsail instance in Hongkong Region there is no option for it.

i did googled.

it says need to enable Hongkong region in my account which i already did.

but getting into the lightsail instance creating page it doesnt show Hongkong region.

this is the link to the page creating the lightsail instance, even i changed the link ref region=ap-east-1 which is for Hongkong, it still jump back to the region im living.

Could anyone give me some advice on creating a lightsail instance in Hongkong region please?

Thanks heaps.

1 Answers

Lightsail is not currently supported in the Hong Hong Region. While AWS does have a Hong Kong region, not all services are supported at launch.

answered 13 days ago

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