I want to increase the limit of Lightsail domains with Route 53



As I said, I want to increase the domain limit with Route 53. I would need help. From what I can see in the Hosted Zones section of Route 53, I can only create records for subdomains of the main domain.

Do I need to create more Hosted Zones? For each domain? Then how do I redirect the new domain in Route 53 to my Lightsail instance?

I hope I expressed myself fairly correctly. In any case, I would need to be able to add more than 6 different domains (not subdomains) to my Lightsail instance.

Can someone help me?

Thank you,

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Yes, you can use Route 53 with Lightsail resources if you need more than the 6 DNS zones quota in Lightsail.

In Route 53 for each domain you would need to create a new hosted-zone (hosted-zones in Route 53 are same as DNS zones in Lightsail) doc ref for creating hosted zone

Then you can add records to the hosted-zone with the IPs or endpoint-names of your Lightsail resources.

e.g. if you wanted your Route 53 hosted-zone example.com to route traffic to a Lightsail instance with public IPv4, you would create a record under the hosted-zone with empty sub-domain, record-type A, and value Pick your desired TTL and keep Simple Routing default routing policy. Repeat the steps for your other domains like foo.com, bar.com, etc.

doc ref for adding records

Hope this helps!

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answered 8 months ago

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