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I need to subscribe to AMQP broker which is hosted outside of AWS and consume the content. Is there a serverless service that is able to maintain the connection without need to run an EC2 instance and forward the data to other services?

I have tried to work with Kinesis and EventBridge, but these services doesn't seem to be able to consume amqp, while MQ is only able to setup a broker.

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Hello, You can provision an Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ and that can shovel messages(using Shovel plugin) from your self managed AMQP broker. The only requirement would be that your AMQP has a public endpoint. Once messages are moved to Amazon MQ broker, you can trigger a Lambda function to either move them to other services or process as needed.

You can also package AMQP libraries in a Lambda function and trigger it in a scheduled manner to pull messages. It will not maintain the connection but can be a fully serverless option.

Thanks, Mithun

answered 6 months ago

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