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/I want to close my AWS account what do I save/

I want to close my AWS account what do I save


I set this up when working with Computer Students who were helping to build a database and input forms for their Senior Project. I know we use AWS and MySQL workbench and Java. Their professor said the programming they did is too broke to fix. I'm not a computer person but I want to save any files they created in case we want to refer to the work in a subsequent DB build. Where do I go and what do I save?

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Enabling automated backups would assist to backup the RDS resources.

By default, Amazon RDS creates and saves automated backups of your DB instance securely in Amazon S3 for a user-specified retention period. the automated backup feature of Amazon RDS will backup your databases and transaction logs. Amazon RDS Backup and Restore

Note that the backups would still be on the same AWS account

If the intention is to close your AWS account, then you would most likely not need to save any files but terminate/delete all the resources in the account to avoid unwarranted billing. See the blog on How do I delete or terminate Amazon RDS resources

answered a month ago

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