Action Required: Irregular activity in your AWS account


About three days ago I got a notification in my account for "Action Required: Irregular activity in your AWS account". I responded to this issue same day, and it seems to be an automated trigger due to my developers accessing my account from international regions. In the last few days, I've contacted the support team multiple times, very clearly saying that I am the account owner, and I am having a team that is international, so please lift these restrictions have been placed on my account.

Since then, I get the same message, "we can't give ETA", "Our team is looking into the problem."... ect. these type of boilerplate responses, while I've lost three days of development time in the process. I'm in the verge of missing deadlines now and I'm not even sure if this issue will be resolved soon or weeks from now since they're not giving ETAs. I've even upgraded my support to Developer Support, and they still respond slowly, without any real solution. As this automated action they've taken was done when there's very little spend in the account resources, like under $50. and I have complete filled out the account information/answered all of their questions/paid for premium support ect... How long is thing going to take them to resolve?

Should I just make a new account at this point? - What the heck am I supposed to do here?

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Hello Chris,

I'm so sorry to hear about this, it's not the experience we strive for. I've passed these concerns along internally for further review & visibility into your case.

For your privacy, we're unable to discuss account or case details via this platform. Rest assured, our team in the Support Center has full visibility and will follow up with you in your open support case as soon as there are next steps provided.

You can access your support case here:

Please check out this article to see how you can request a call through our Support Center as well, should you have further questions or concerns about this process:

We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this.

Best regards,

  • Ann D.
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answered a year ago
  • I appreciate your response, however it doesn't seem anyone is looking at my case. This has been my experience with AWS's Support Team.. thus far..

    1. In the last 48 hours, there hasn't been anyone responding to my case.
    2. They're sending boilerplate template support messages when/if they respond back (once a day).
    3. No ETA, and no Average ETA, no next steps, no process to completion.
    4. Paid more money for additional support to expedite the process, changed nothing.
    5. I asked for a phone support 3 days ago in my open case, no one's called me.
    6. There was never any security issue, and it's been known for 72 hours, still they're restricting my account.
    7. I've paid more in support subscription, than I've paid in resource usage in my account.
    8. They're not asking for phone or email verification, which I could use to resolve any security concerns immediately.

    It's kind of worrying to see that there's a "end" and "start" dates on the security notification within the event log page of my account that appear to be 14 days in total. Which is giving me the feeling that they're going to leave my account in a restricted state for 2 weeks lol. --- If I don't hear back from anyone tomorrow, I'm going to make a new account under a different email and just start moving my codebase over there I guess. It would be faster than the support team, and at least I'd have an ETA to completion.


Did you ever get this resolved? I'm in the same boat, account's been locked for about 4 days now. I too am thinking of closing my account and just opening a new one, but I can't be sure if this won't happen again in the future.

answered a year ago

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