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Environment forever stuck in abort


Hi There,

We accidentally deleted a Custom AMI prior to a transitioning the environment to a new Custom AMI, and now the environment is forever stuck in an abort. Is there anyone who can assist? In trying to update the AMI via the CLI, we receive this error:

command: aws elasticbeanstalk update-environment --environment-name {env-name} --option-settings Namespace=aws:autoscaling:launchconfiguration,OptionName=ImageId,Value={new-ami-id} --region {region}

An error occurred (InvalidParameterValue) when calling the UpdateEnvironment operation: Environment named {env-name} is in an invalid state for this operation. Must be Ready.


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asked 4 years ago12 views
1 Answer

We ended up deleting the entire application and starting over. Too bad that AWS doesn't appear to really assist much in these forums anymore.

Best of luck to anyone with the same issue!

answered 4 years ago

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