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/ValidationSettings are not supported for 's3' endpoint/

ValidationSettings are not supported for 's3' endpoint


we are using Terraform as CICD, I want to migrate a PostgressSQL Database to S3 bucket, I need CDC and Data validation, when I run the terraform, I have this error: ValidationSettings are not supported for 's3' endpoint I don't see anywhere in the AWS documentation that saying S3 endpoint can't do data validation. How to solve this issue? Can I do or not the data validation with S3 as target?

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While using S3 as the DMS target , validation is not supported. +

You can only use validation, when you use AWS DMS with the below endpoints as Source or Target:

PostgreSQL-compatible database (PostgreSQL or Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL)
MySQL-compatible database (MySQL, MariaDB, or Amazon Aurora MySQL)
Microsoft SQL Server

Unfortunately, there is no feature to validate data with S3 as target at this moment. And that's because of the validation works with DMS. Whenever you try to compare records between any source and target using DMS, DMS runs a SELECT query on both Source and Target, and then compares the values retrieved from both ends. Since its not possible on S3 to run a SELECT query for comparison as its not a database, validation is not supported with S3 as target.

You should think of working on a custom solution to compare the records between PostgreSQL and S3.

answered 3 months ago

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